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How To Make Pots Of Gold Door Decor

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This DIY pots of gold door décor is budget friendly décor and is super cute and colorful.

Kids are sure to enjoy making this St. Patrick’s day decoration as much as you. 

It’s easy to make and will add a nice touch to any door in your home for St. Patrick’s Day. 


The Story Behind Leprechauns And Their Pot of Gold

Irish folklores believe that leprechauns bring good fortune since they are always carrying a pot of gold.

Some tales are told that a leprechaun hides his pot of gold in the Irish countryside. 

Well it is also believed that leprechaun’s hide their pots of gold at the end of each rainbow.

Catching a mythical creature like the leprechaun is far from impossible, so several people who believe in such are finding a variety of ways to do it.

Because it is said that a pot of gold will bring good luck to people every St. Patrick’s Day.

The Color Green And Gold Everywhere

Aside from these techniques that they do during the occasion, most of us decorate our own homes ready for the said event.

The Color green and shamrocks are everywhere, and let us not forget, the pot of gold as a cool decoration too.

Budget Friendly Pots Of Gold Door Decor

This is a budget-friendly and fun project that your kids will enjoy doing with you.

This tutorial will teach you how to have a colorful pot of gold décor without hurting your pocket.

We will be using recyclable biscuit (if you are from the UK) or cracker box for this craft.

Let’s begin crafting this now!

How To Make Pots Of Gold Door Decor

How To Make Pots Of Gold Door Decor

These pots of gold door decor are a great St. Patricks Day craft idea for kids that can be displayed on doors throughout the home.


    Gather all the materials needed for this tutorial.

    Cut three pieces of square boards from the empty biscuit box or cracker box.

    Draw a traditional pot on the square board. 

    Create three of these traditional pots on the remaining boards.

    Cut the pots from the boards.

    Paint the three pots with black acrylic paint.

    Let the paint dry completely before proceeding to the next step.

    Cut random shapes from the colored papers. 

    The more the random the shapes and the colors used, the better.

    Randomly glue the colored shaped together. 

    Make sure that the size of this will fit the mouth of the traditional pot. 

    Create three of this for the three pots.

    It should look like this when properly done.

    Hot glue the colorful collage on the mouth of the black pot from the back of it.

    Glue the remaining two to the other two black pots. 

    The three pots should look like this when done.

    Cut several strips of green and yellow metallic foils. 

    The length should be at least 2 to 3 inches (6 to 8 centimeters) and the width should be at least 1 inch (2 to 2.5 centimeters).

    Create a metallic foil chain with alternating colors of green and yellow. 

    Use a stapler to close each chain.  Create five loops of three sets on these.

    You now have three chains of five loops for each.

    Hot glue the end of one chain to the upper body of the pot.

    Connect the second pot by gluing it on the other free end of the same chain used in the former step. 

    This should be glued on the bottom part of the second black pot.

     Continuously connect the remaining chains and pots in an alternating manner until you link it completely. 

    The topmost part of these should be a free end of the chain.

    Insert a 6 to 8 centimeters long crochet thread and loop the end of this. 

    This is used to hang the pots décor. 

    Done and ready for display!

    These colorful chained pots of gold décor can be displayed on your main door or even in your respective doors inside your house. 

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Pots Og Gold Door Decor Represent Luck And Fortune

This can be displayed on the walls of your living room. 

This would surely bring you luck and fortune without hurting your pocket. 

You do not need to spend that much to celebrate and beautify you homes. 

Hope you have fun and liked it!

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