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Easy DIY Easter Bunny Door Decor

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This DIY Easter Bunny Door Décor is not only easy to make, but a great way to teach your kids how to turn recyclable items into something useful they will treasure.

This is a great way to get your kids involved with their creative side and give you a chance to spend some quality time with them.

What better way to show others your kids art work then by including it in your holiday decorations. 

Your kids will be so proud when they see their own Easter decorations on your front door.

This absolutely cute and colorful door décor is made with recycled cardboard and can brighten your home for the Easter holiday.


Who Is The Easter Bunny Anyway?

The Easter bunny is a symbolic figure of the Easter season, but have you ever wondered what the story was behind this mythical creature that lays colorful eggs?

Let’s talk about the Easter bunny and just why this cute little fluffy ball of fuzz has become one of the biggest traditions in America today.

By the way, this is a great story to share with your kids while they are making this Easter Bunny door decor!

Rabbits are an ancient symbol of fertility, rebirth and new life.

The first Easter bunny is said to have came from German immigrants in the 1700’s in Pennsylvania.

The First Easter Bunny, Osterhase

The first Easter bunny’s name was Osterhase and it was said that she laid colorful eggs for well-behaved children.

Children would make beautiful nest for Osterhase to lay eggs in for them they would sometimes leave carrots in case the little bunny got hungry. 

As the tradition spread across American the bunny’s deliveries expanded from just eggs to chocolates and other treats and even toys.

Which is why the Easter bunny is often depicted carrying a basket full of eggs, candies or toys. 

Adding a basket of eggs made from cardboard or construction paper is a great way to personalize your Easter Bunny door decor.

Easter Decorations Started Around The 13th Century

Around the 13th century Easter decorations began to emerge.

Easter bunny ornaments and decorations are found in many homes during the Easter season. 

As part of the celebration, we will be making an Easter bunny door décor that is easy to make, yet uses inexpensive materials. 

Gather the needed supplies, along with your kids and let’s get started making this cure Easter Bunny door decor.


Easy DIY Easter Bunny Door Decor

Easy DIY Easter Bunny Door Decor

Yield: 1

This easy corrugated cardboard Easter Bunny Door Decor is a great way to let your kids help create Easter Decorations for your home.


    Step 1: Gather all the materials needed for this Easter Bunny door decor tutorial.

    Step 2: Draw a simple bunny on a piece of bond paper.  The size of the bunny is up to you, but for this tutorial, we used the whole sheet of paper.

    Step 3: Cut the bunny pattern you drew out with scissors.


    Step 4: Tape the bunny pattern on the smooth side of the corrugated cardboard.

    Step 5: Cut the corrugated cardboard around the bunny pattern.

    Step 6: Remove the bunny pattern from the board once you have finished cutting it.

    Step 7: Cover the working table with newspaper to avoid unnecessary paint cleanup after you are done.

    Step 8: Paint the corrugated part of the board.  The painted design of the bunny depends on what you want your bunny to look like. The more colorful the bunny, the better.

    Step 9: Let the painted bunny dry for an hour.

    Step 10: Hot glue the googly eyes onto the head of the bunny.

    Step 11:  Hot glue the button just below the eyes.  This will be the bunny’s nose.

    Step 12: Cut the three pipe cleaners into two equal parts.  Hot glue the pipe cleaners on each side of the nose, three on each side.  This will be the bunny’s whiskers.

    Step 13: Hot glue the pompoms on the middle part of the bunny’s tail.

    Step 14: Cut the red satin ribbon.  This should be a foot long.

    Step 15: Hot glue red ribbon on top of the bunny’s ear.  This should be placed on the back part of the bunny décor.

    Step 16: The cute Easter bunny door décor is finally done! 

    Step 17: The Easter bunny dooe decor is now ready for hanging in your front door.

Additional Ideas For This Easter Bunny Door Decor

This Easter bunny door décor can also be displayed on the window and even serve as a wall décor. 

You can make several Easter bunnies of different size and design. 

This Easter Bunny door décor craft tutorial is a perfect family bonding activity that will definitely enhance your child’s creativity. 

I hope you like this Easter Bunny door décor and enjoy it for years to come!

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Sharing is caring!

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Thank you for your response to this blog. I am so glad you enjoyed reading it.

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Wednesday 10th of March 2021

This was a very informative post. I need to try this with my kids!

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