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Hello. My name is Sarah Stults – welcome to my blog where we talk about autism, domestic violence, family life, crafting and some of my favorite recipes or foods.


“Embracing Life’s Adventure: Sarah’s Radiant Odyssey”

Hey there, fabulous souls! I’m Sarah, a sunshine enthusiast, born on September 21, 1988, and let me tell you, my life has been a wild, glitter-filled ride of love, challenges, and all things bright and beautiful.

Imagine this: adopted on February 12, 1998, into a world where every day is a new page waiting to be filled with joy. Yeah, it hasn’t always been rainbows and unicorns – survived a bumpy five-year dance with domestic violence. But guess what? I waltzed out of that storm with my head held high, ready to spread kindness and love like confetti.

Now, here’s the scoop – I’m the proud solo mom of two incredible gems, Trinity and Alivia, plus a little adventurer, Darnell. Oh, and did I mention? In October 2020, the universe decided to surprise us with the news that both my girls are on the autism spectrum. Plot twist! But hey, we turned it into an epic adventure, raising awareness and embracing the magic of our unique journey.

So, what’s my secret sauce? Kindness, my friend – it’s the glitter that makes life sparkle. Resilience and I, we’re like the dynamic duo, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and laughter.

Picture me navigating life with a backpack full of stories – because, let’s be real, who doesn’t love a good tale? Advocacy, for me, is like throwing kindness confetti everywhere I go. It’s not just about shedding light on tough issues like domestic violence and autism – it’s about making the journey joyful, sprinkling resilience, and, of course, being downright fabulous.

In this wild ride of self-discovery, advocacy, and being the coolest solo mom on the block, I’ve learned that embracing my quirks is where the real party’s at. Life’s too short for dull moments!

So, here I am – a survivor, an advocate, a mom with a heart full of love and a wardrobe bursting with positivity. Ready to groove to life’s beats, spread good vibes, and turn every challenge into a confetti-filled celebration. If you’re up for a joyous ride, hit that subscribe button on my website. Let’s share stories, spread kindness, and paint the world with the brightest hues of our radiant journey! 🌈💖✨



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