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Cold Brew Coffee

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Have you ever wondered what the big hype is about cold brew coffee

Who doesn’t love a nice cup of iced coffee? 

I know on a hot day when I just need that extra boost I love a nice cold coffee. 

What are the benefits of drinking coffee cold and and why has it become so popular?

Well let’s begin! 


 History Of Cold Coffee 

Cold coffee is newer in the US and has become more popular in the past 15 years. 

Where did the idea of cold coffee come from though?

The first cold coffee dates back to the 1600s in Kyoto, Japan. 

It's called Kyoto-styled Japanese coffee. 

There are some thoughts that the Japanese learned about cold coffee from the Dutch who used it as away to be be able too carry coffee on their ships. 

Unfortunately, there isn't much evidence that supports this theory. 

Benefits Of Drinking Cold Brew Coffee

What are the benefits of drinking cold brew coffee versus hot coffee? 

For the most part drinking cold coffee has all the same benefits that you get when you drink hot coffee. 

However, cold brew coffee has shown signs of being easier on some peoples stomach then hot coffee. 

People have reported acid reflux and heartburn from hot coffee 

Cold brew doesn't seem to cause very many to have any issues. 

Studies have shown that ice coffee can be less acidic then hot brew.

Another great benefit of cold brew coffee it doesn't have that bitter bite that hot coffee has. 


How To Get Started At Home

Cold brew coffee is simple to make and there are many different way to make it. 

There are tons of recipes online that you can find to fit your taste buds. 

If you want away that takes its time but does a great job you can try out a cold brew coffee maker

I know at home I take my old left over hot coffee and it taste great.

Here's how.

Take your left over coffee and pour it in a mason jar. 

Add desired amount of cream and sugar to your coffee.

Place your lid on the mason jar tightly and give it a few shakes. 

Place the jar in the refrigerator overnight. 

Your cold coffee will be ready for you in the morning. 

Add a few ice cubes and enjoy!

I do not personally keep the cold coffee more then a day or two.


Brewing Cold Coffee

Cold coffee is brewed at room temperature for 12-24 hours.

I gave you an example on how to use your left over hot coffee the next day as cold coffee.  

However, if you want true cold brew coffee there is a method to use. 

Here's how!

You will need coffee beans and water. 

You grid the coffee beans using a spice grinder.

Next you combined the coffee ground and the water together. 

Stir them together gently. 

Leave sit over night to steep at room temperature. 

In the morning you will need to strain the mixer to get out all coffee grounds. 

You can to this using cheesecloth inside of a strainer. 

Take left over liquid and pour into a jar with a lid and you place it in the refrigerator.

You can keep your fresh brewed cold coffee for up to a week.


Cold Brew Coffee Is Trendy

Statics show that Cold coffee is trendy amongst a younger crowd in the US.

Ages 25 to 39 showed over half of the responded in 2020. 

15% of the responders where 60 or over. 

Cold brew coffee is sold in most coffee shops and this is mostly thanks to the millennial.

Millennials make up the biggest portion of coffee drinkers today. 

Cold coffee can be made into a fancy dessert drink for entertaining guest.

 Cold Brew Options Are Endless

You can literally buy cold coffee right off the shelf at your local grocery store or even at the gas station right down the street. 

There are many different brands, caffeine strengths, and flavors.

You can also pick between many different brew styles also.

The flavor options are endless. 

You can get flavored grounds and creamers for your cold coffee. 

Pumpkin cream, Chocolate, Carmel, and lavender are just a few of the flavors you can chose from. 

You can even get spiked cold brew coffee. 

Spiked cold coffee is wine-based. 

When you mix alcohol and caffeine together the caffeine will cancel out the tiredness you get from the alcohol.


I hope that if you haven't had the opportunity to experience cold brew coffee that you set out to find some to try. 

There are so many benefits to your health and mood that can be obtained from drinking cold coffee. 

Also it's a great way to add to a breakfast with your quest or even an after dinner treat! 

With so many great flavors you are bound to find one that you love time and time again. 

With the holidays right around the corner there are tons of fun things you can add to this delicious drink to make it your very own and super festive.

Be sure to share your photos and experiences in the comments below. 

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Sharing is caring!

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