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Important Conversations To Have With Your Child

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Have you ever wondered what are important conversations to have with your child

I believe that this may very for each family.

However, there are some conversations that are important to everyone equally. 

What should we be having conversations about with our children? 

I am here to share some ideas with you. 

Let’s get started!  


Important Conversations To Have With Your Child

Children need to be talked to about many things around them.

There are actually a lot of things that are important to talk to your child about.

I am going to name a few that are common amongst most people in general.

Maybe you've never thought that you needed to have a conversation about it with them. 

Maybe you feel as though they will learn it on their own. 

Whatever the reason may be I am going to share with you why it is important to talk to them now rather then later.



Important Conversations With Your Child At Dinner 

Dinner is a great time to have important conversations with your child. 

This gives us a chance even when they are young to start healthy communication. 

Asking about their favorite part of the day or even what they did for the day. 

Talking to them about plans for the week or changes in work schedules.

Even talking about the food you are eating and what they like and you like. 

The dinner table is just a wonderful place for families to come together and talk. 

Family Values Is An Important Conversation To Have With Your Child

It is so important for you to talk about the family values with your children. 

They will learn about values on their own as they grow, but this could have a bad ending

Why risk them learning the wrong values?

As parents we want what's best for our children. 

If you don't influence good healthy family values in your children they will get them from someone who might not be the most trusted person to learn from.

Kids pick values up from TV shows they watch that aren't appropriate for them to learn. 

School is another place kids learn things you may not want your children learning.

It's our job as parents to make sure that our children have a good handle on values before they get around people that could influence bad things. 

Plans For Their Future 

Plans for their future is a very important conversation to have with your children. 

Even with young kids this is so important to teach them to think ahead. 

What are their dreams or things they would like to do with their life?

Teaching children to think about what it is they want their future to look like and how to set goals to reach what they want will only set them up for success.

My motto with my children is you can do anything you want but you will have to do the work it takes to get there. 

You as a parent can talk with them about what they will have to do to reach the future they want. 

You can start with small short term goals that they can reach and as they grow come up with long term goals. 

Healthily Eating Habits And Exercise

Talking to our kids about healthy food options and staying active will benefit them for the long haul.

We want our kids to grow up being the best them they can be. 

Eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise just increases the value of their life even when they are kids.

Children who eat unhealthy and don't get enough exercise can be moody and tired. 

Talking about good snack ideas and meals will help your child engage with you also. 

Make sure that you are approaching this in a loving team manner.


Talk About Secrets 

Hiding things from you is a very important conversation to have with your child. 

Children learn to keep things from their parents because they fear that you will become angry or reject them. 

Make sure to talk openly with your child about things that could be harder topics for them to talk about. 

Be calm and supportive even if it's hard to swallow.

Make sure you talk to them about when it is ok for them to have secrets and when it is not ok to keep them. 

Offer them a code word to use when they may have information that could be a sensitive subject so you know to enter with cation and an open mind. 

Have A Conversation About Bullying

Having a conversation about bullies and bullying is very important.

Your children need to know what to do when they are experiencing bullying from someone at school.

It's also so important for you to let them know what being bullied can do to someone. 

This will help prevent bullying in two ways both so they don't become a bully and so they can help stop bullying. 

Bullying now more then ever is a very important conversation for parents to have with all ages. 

Even little children deal with bullying.  

Identity and self Image Are Important Conversations To Have With Your Child. 

Talking to your children about their identity and their self image are both such important conversations to have with your child.

As parents we need to make sure we talk to our kids about who they are. 

Our children learn from being like us which is great, but they need to know who they are to.

Knowing what they like and don't like can help them know who they are. 

Making their own identity separate from their parents gives them individuality.

Talking about how they see themselves is also so important. 

Who do they see when they look in the mirror?

How do they describe themselves as a person?

Making sure your child has a great handle on a good identity and self image will help keep them safe from someone taking that from them. 

How They Should Treat The Opposite Sex 

As parents it is our job to make sure that our children leave the nest knowing what to look at, how to value, interact with other children of the other sex. 

In the world today there is so much negative talk on both genders. 

Our children need us to set the way on having good positive interactions with the opposite sex.

Talk about your values involving the opposite sex talk about good things and encourage your child to see why the opposite sex has equal value. 

Teach them what roles the opposite sex has, talk about the strengths and weakness that each gender has. 

Do not make this conversation more difficult then is has to be it is already a very difficult time for children to grow up.  

I hope that I have given you something too shoot for when looking for those important conversations with your child.

Remember to be calm and understanding with your child you want them to model good values from you and have a successful future.  

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Also make sure to leave a comment below and let me know what tips worked for you.

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