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Ways To Be More Involved With Your Children

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Are you a parent wondering how you can be more involved with your children?

Trust me, I’ve been there too!

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s not uncommon to feel a bit disconnected from our children.

Between parents working outside the home, kids engrossed in electronic devices, and the separation that comes with school, it’s a challenge.

But fear not, because I’m here to offer some guidance on how we, as parents, can become more involved with our children.

Let’s embark on this journey together!



In the whirlwind of our ever-changing world, there are some seriously cool ways to stay connected with our kids every day.

Sure, they might seem totally absorbed in their gadgets, but deep down, our children thrive on real, genuine interactions with us.

It's like they've got this secret yearning for our attention, even when they're acting all nonchalant about it.

Let's be real – our kids may act like they're on their own wavelength, but they secretly want us to be a part of their world.

The game plan?

Let's create some kick-booty moments together.

It's about making our time together intentional and unforgettable, turning simple moments into lasting memories.




Planning Time With Your Children

As parents we have busy schedules especially if you have more then one child in the home. 

This can making being more involved with your children a huge challenge. 

Plan a weekly day and time that you can be available to spend the time with your kids. 

If you can't set the same day each week that's ok. 

I would suggest sitting down at dinner on Sunday night and discussing the weeks events and come up with a day that you will make that time together. 

What part of the day works best for your family is also important.  

Set the plan and stick to it.

If you have to schedule something else for the week work it around your set family time. 

If you have multiple children make it clear that the time you set for each child is their time and that you will give them their own special time next or on their own day.


Eating Meals As A Family 

Even though our weeks are busy with appointments and work we can still make time for a meal together. 

You may not be able to eat all meals together as a family and that is ok. 

Eating meals together gives family's more time to be involved with their children. 

Conversations starters for meals are endless and it is a time where everyone is planted in one spot for a period of time. 

Talk about the good and the bad things that happened.

Asking about their favorite part of each family members day and why it was their favorite. 

Talking about something new they learned at school or even talking about something new you accomplished.

These are all great ways to also improve your conversations with your children.  

Make this time something special for your family because being more involved will help your children learn how to talk to you when things aren't ok. 

Having Regular Family Meetings 

Making time for family meetings is a great way to be more involved with your children. 

It will also give the family more understanding of each other. 

You can call meetings to find out what is working and what is not working. 

Give each member a chance to speak without interruption. 

Another thing you can talk about in a family meeting is planning a family outing or vacation together. 

Getting to know what each persons likes and dislikes are is a great thing to keep you more involved. 

Once you start practicing these meetings you will get more comfortable with topics that need to be addressed. 

Asking Questions Is Ok

As parents we sometimes might feel as though asking our children questions may cause an argument. 

It is ok to ask your children what they are doing, where they are going, and who they will be with. 

So many times parents feel as though they are invading their children's privacy and this just isn't the case. 

When children live at home they are our responsibility.

If we aren't asking for the information then we are failing them. 

Asking questions will help us be involved in our children's lives. 

Questions also help children learn to communicate with you better and build a sense of trust in you. 

Make sure that you are also asking questions like how was it, did you have fun, what did you do.

Keeping a level head when asking questions will help so the interaction remains calm and civil. 

Set Aside the Electronics

Making sure that you have time with your children when electronics are turned off and not a distraction will help improve your time with your children.  

It's hard to be involved when there are distractions in the way. 

Truly being involved requires your undivided attention. 

You can't talk to them and truly engage with them if they are playing a game or watching a video and same goes with you. 

Make a quiet place for you and your child to talk or play a board game together. 

Taking a walk together is a great way to remove any electronic distractions and gives you something to do while talking. 

Being Involved In Their Education 


The great E word!

Being more involved with your children means setting rules and boundaries. 

Checking homework and school grades. 

Being involved with your children is hard work that is very important. 

Holding your child accountable and checking in on their school performance is your job as parents. 

Keeping up with what they are learning about and helping them at home is how you send successful productive humans into the world. 

Make time for it once a week. 

You can schedule it into the plans you already made.

Maybe part of the time you spend with them is going over grades or checking in on how they are doing in school. 

If your child is failing, the only way to get to the bottom of the issue and make it better is to be involved as a parent. 

If its a big issue try to find a way to communicate with the teachers each day so you know what is expected. 

When my oldest was younger her teachers and I had a notebook we wrote back and fourth in. 


Being Your Child's Comfort 

Sometimes the best thing we can give our kids is just being there when they needs us. 

Letting our children know that we are there to love and support them gives them a sense of comfort. 

It builds a trust between you and your child when they know they can come to you. 

Sometimes they will just need a hug and other times they may need a shoulder to cry on. 

Just listening to them is enough.

Sometimes they may want your advice on the situation. 

Being your child's comfort will help your children want to make you more involved. 

Let Mistakes Be Lessons Learned 

When your child makes a mistake, help them come up with ways to fix the mistake. 

Redo's are part of life. 

Use the opportunity that presents itself to teach them. 

Before getting angry and yelling remember you are a human who makes mistakes too. 

Just because we are adults doesn't not mean we have all the answers. 

Make sure they see that.

Sharing a similar situation with your own life could give you the chance to laugh with your child. 

Give them the tools they need to not make the same mistake again. 

Writing Notes Of Love

This is something I have to say I miss the most about being a child. 

My mom use to slip these cute little cards into my packed lunches for field trips. 

Short little letters that reminded me I was loved. 

I remember the first one I ever got.

I was so filled with joy and excitement. 

That simple reminder was all I needed sometimes. 

Today I use this with my kids. 

Slip an I love you have a great day note in your child's bookbag in the morning. 

This is a great way to keep yourself involved without even being there. 


The opportunities to be more involved with your children are endless. 

Being involved with your children shows you care about them. 

Try some of these tips and let me know your child's reaction. 

If you have other great ideas that you use at home, feel free to share those in the comments. 

Make sure to share this with all your parent friends so they can also find new ways to be more involved with their children. 

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Sharing is caring!

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