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How To Make A Button Easter Egg Ornament

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This DIY button Easter Egg ornament is bright and colorful and very simple to make. 

Kiddos love engaging with crafts which is a great way to help them developed their motor skills, self expression, and visual processing.

Children need more engagements with hands on crafts they spend so much time with handheld devices now days.

 This is the perfect activity for your kids it is highly safe and fun to make. 

This craft will add a cute and unique touch to your Easter celebrations.

Easter Eggs Are A Huge Part of Easter 

Easter eggs are a huge part of Easter and this cute ornament will look so cute hanging on a window for everyone to see and enjoy.

If you have plastic eggs from past years those will work fine if not you can buy some pretty cheap.

All we need are colorful buttons or designed buttons to make the egg ornament standout. 

So let us start now!

How To Make A Button Easter Egg Ornament

How To Make A Button Easter Egg Ornament

This cute button Easter Egg ornament is perfect for kids to make then use to decorate Easter Trees or hang in the window.


    Gather all the materials you will need for this activity.

    Cut 6 to 8 centimeter red satin ribbon.

    Make a loop with the red ribbon and glue it on top or the pointed part of the plastic egg.


    Hot glue the first row of smiley buttons from the top. Take note of the spacing in between buttons.

    Fill the next line of smiley buttons. This should window the spaces of the first row.  Do these rows until you completely fill the whole plastic egg.

    Make a bow with the green satin ribbon.

    Glue the green bow at the base of the red satin ribbon on top of the plastic egg.

    You have now completed your cute smiley button egg ornament!

    You can now hang your cute smiley button egg ornament in your window or anywhere you want.

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Adding Your Own Twist 

Having more plastic eggs in different colors will make the activity even more fun.

Additional decorative buttons are necessary, if you wish to make more button Easter Egg ornaments.

You can also add your own twist on the button Easter Egg ornament by adding more ribbons or other types of decorations if you wish.

Make more and display these cute button Easter egg ornaments in your windows or even on your Easter tree.

I hope you like it!

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Sharing is caring!

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