There is nothing like watching a great horror movie for Halloween.

With so many great horror movies out there to choose from it can be overwhelming to pick which one to watch.

A Nightmare On Elm Street was released 1984 and has been watched for years.

A man named Freddy Charles Krueger was the town child molester and a killer.

Freddy was burned alive by the towns people of Springwood after the justice system failed.

Freddy found a way to live on, in the dream world to continue murdering children of the parents who killed him.

The Blair Witch Project came out in 1999.

This film is the story of 3 film students that went missing in October 1994.

They set off to study a local legend of the “The Blair Witch”.

A year after they disappeared  a duffle bag was found in the floor of a very old cabin.

The bag contained some footage and a journal written by one of the students.

The footage showed a 5 day trip through the Black Hills Forest and the events that lead up to the students disappearance.

The original Halloween came out in 1978.

Michael Myers, a 6 yr old boy, murder’s his teen sister.

He is then locked in a mental institution for 15 years.

However, On October 30, 1978 Michael managed to break out of the prison.

Friday the 13th was released in 1980.

Jason drowned at Crystal Lake in 1958 after two camp counselors took their eyes off of him.

The two counselors where then murdered and the camp closed for two decades.

The camp then reopens and murders of camp counselors start happening.