One of the legends of Halloween started about 2,000 years ago as Samhain.

It isn’t clear when trick-or-treating actually started but there are traces back to medieval times.

In the 20th century pranks became a huge thing related to Halloween.

In the 1930s popular treats to be handed out on Halloween night were homemade goodies, coins, and toys.

However in the 1970s that all came to an end and the only acceptable treat to accept from a stranger was store bought wrapped candies.

Parents of children became so scared that the real boogieman was going to tamper with the goodies and harm their children.

Monsters became part of Halloween as early as the 1970s.

Witches and their mysterious black cats are one of the oldest legends of Halloween.

Jack-O-Lanterns were invented in the 19th century using turnips.

It was said that these were lite up to warn off evil spirits from peoples homes.

When witches were first discovered the thought of educated woman was not something the world liked at all.

The church believed that healing should be used only by the men of the church.

Black cats are the staple of Halloween and have been for years.

Many believed that the black cat could steal the soul of a recently passed relative by walking over the body before it could be buried.