How To Get Picky Kids To Eat

Sarah Stults

Have you ever wondered how to get picky kids to eat? If so, I have some good advice for you!

Let's get started!

Allow your children to cook meals with you. 

Another great way too get your kids to eat things they usually would complain about is hiding food in things they like.

Try different textures and seasonings. Some kids  won't eat food one way  but will another.

The one bite rule has no exceptions, but it allows the child to try new things at a pretty low cost.

Serve the foods they don't like more then once.

Go as far as making up absolutely  ridiculous chants and songs.

Giving a child recognition for the good choices always has a better pay off then giving yourself a stroke.

Allow your child to  learn to make a choice  on something

Give these little champs something to look forward too after they eat their meal.

Take your time introducing new foods

People with autism just want to be accepted for who they are.